Sep 15, 2009

Trainning Basic Computer Maintenance

New story in my Princess Diaries... It had been a long time i never update this blog... Poor Princess diaries... I had spend more time to mY Maka.N blog.... So guy don't forget to visit mY Makan Blog ya... check it out.. !!!!

Now i would like to share with you memory on my Basic Computer Maintenance, troubleshooting & Repair Trainning which was organised by group of EE Technologist on 30th June until 2nd July 2009...
~ after-
This trainning was fully effort by EE Technologist and attendies by Technologist from world wide corner including me... hehehe..

Honestly this trainning really useful. Here Mr azhar, our facilitator
Don't play... play...
Here We're...
...We Are Family...

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